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What is the problem?

In the digital workplace, companies increasingly rely on technology to collaborate. Many teams fail to benefit from the creative collisions that in-person engagement yields. The complexity of the digital landscape impacts teamwork, trust and performance, leading to costly decisions.

Our Solution

We want to change this and have created a mechanism for organizations to hear their team’s perspectives, so teams can reach decisions faster with higher levels of individual buy in. We provide team alignment and participatory process improvement tools specifically designed to address interpersonal disconnect of the workplace. Enabling better team engagement and participation which leads to improved collective decision making.


Initiatio (e-nish-e-a-toe) is the latin for 'participation and initiation'. We are passionate about engagement, transparency and participation which lead to improved organizational decision making and better outcomes. The digital landscape is changing the way teams collaborate - we are working to enhance the human experience of this process. We are currently in private beta but our public launch is coming soon.

Who are we?

Sue Redmond, PhD

CEO & Co-Founder - @suezredmond

With a career in human behavior change, curriculum development and organizational culture change nationally & internationally, Sue co-founded Initiatio to help organizations listen to and hear the voice of their greatest resource their people. Fuelling a new wave of transparency in leadership, engagement and participation. Sue is a passionate triathlete, ironman, surfer, former martial artist and dog lover! Check out her book ‘The Athlete’s Secret Garden’ on

Mike Hughes

CTO & Co-Founder - @mikehug

With over 20 years software design and development, Mike has created software in multiple industries working with globally distributed teams. Most recently he helped lead the redesign of the world's leading enterprise workforce optimization suites. He has a passion for crafty design and nifty solutions. Mike is one of the most enthusiastic and energetic people you are likely to meet!

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